Law of Attraction: Raising Your Vibration

"Peace comes into the heart like the morning sun spreading across the ocean. It is the ocean of compassion."
--Stephen Levine

The Law of Attraction teaches that your thoughts and emotions impact everything about your life.   In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction says that whatever you put your attention on, especially when coupled with strong emotion, shows up in your life.  This law is pretty reliable, and it works whether the thoughts and emotions are positive or negative.

Law of Attraction responds to your moment-to-moment energetic vibration, not just conscious thoughts.  When your energy is high most of the time, you draw desired things to you, and when you're emitting mostly low energy, eventually you draw undesired circumstances into your life. 

In other words, like attracts like.  If you don't understand how this works, you may feel victimized or helpless when your life isn't going well.  When you do understand this law, you can start to apply it to attract what you want into your life.
How can you tell how high or low your energy is at any given moment?  When you feel happy, your energy is high.  When you feel unhappy, it is low.  It’s that simple.  Stated differently, when your energy is expansive, you feel good and that tells you your energy is high.  When you feel uncomfortable emotions, your energy contracts and your vibration is low.
When you're in the reactive grip of anger, fear, jealousy, etc. you know your energy is low and some healing attention is in order.  As more of the "critical mass" of emotional pain gets healed, your energetic vibration starts to rise naturally.

This is because in the process of healing, you let go of the painful emotions because these are not who you are.  As you do this, you begin to access more of your true Self, which is a part of Source.  Ths closer you get to your core--the real You, that individualized aspect of Source--the higher your vibration becomes.

When you're struggling with an uncomfortable emotion, such as anxiety, jealousy, shame, or irritation, you may unconsciously add self-disapproval to the mix.  Since disapproval is a form of resistance, the emotion that you're trying to get rid of will get stronger.

One thing you can do instead is to send love, compassion, and acceptance to the painful emotion.  When lower energy meets higher energy, the higher one will predominate.  Our knee-jerk reaction is to fight painful emotions.  The trouble is, trying to eradicate an emotion will magnify it.  Meeting it with love, on the other hand, will allow it to soften.

But what about all that time when you're not feeling anything in particular?  What about when you're mindlessly mowing the lawn, brushing your teeth, folding laundry, driving to work?  That's a lot of time, and it isn't dead space, as far as the Law of Attraction goes.  There is no dead space. Every moment counts and can be used to your advantage.
The every-moment-of-the-day feeling between and underlying your thoughts and actions has a huge impact on your life.  You can consciously use that time to create a happy state of mind, which works to bring happy circumstances into your life.
How?  First of all, by having the intention to feel good.  That sounds obvious, but it's possible to have unconscious reasons for not always wanting to feel happy that can sabotage you. Of course, if these unconscious reasons exist it is important to deal with them in utmost compassion for yourself.
There are a number of ways for raising your vibration, such as affirmations, prayers, meditation, etc.  You can also create or remember an image that feels good to you, such as a sun radiating outward or a beautiful waterfall.  You can repeat a word or several words that feel potently uplifting to you, such as Love, Peace, or Well-being.  You can listen to music that makes you feel good.  There are many ways to raise your energy.

One very easy way is to simply smile often, no matter what you are doing.  Even a slight upturn of the mouth---no matter how you’re actually feeling---will raise your energy and help you feel better.  Using those muscles that make your mouth go up, even a slight amount, triggers the feel-good chemicals in the brain.

While smiling, you can raise your vibration even more by generating a feeling of gratitude or appreciation.  You can think about actual things in your life you are grateful for, or you can generate gratitude for no reason whatsoever.  If it is easier, you can create a little mantra to repeat over and over, such as, 'Thank you God,' or 'Thank you Creator,' something that you resonate with.

The next time you're taking out the trash, raking leaves, or paying bills, take advantage of that time by smiling and feeling grateful.  It will make you feel better, which will add to your reservoir of positive energy.  And the bigger that reservoir gets, the greater the chances of your life moving in the direction you want.