Who are you?

"Peace comes into the heart like the morning sun spreading across the ocean. It is the ocean of compassion."
--Stephen Levine

You’ve been taught to believe that something is wrong with you---that you’re not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, good-looking enough, thin enough, rich enough, etc, etc, etc. In other words, you’ve been taught, either subtly or overtly, that you are not quite acceptable, not okay.

You’ve been steeped in "delusions of unworthiness." What is a delusion? It’s a belief that doesn’t square with reality. If you believe that the news announcer on radio is talking to you, directly and personally, we call that a delusion, because that isn’t reality. By the same token, if you believe that you’re not okay, that’s a delusion. It also isn’t reality.

In actual fact, none of your delusions of unworthiness are true. You’ve been fed a gigantic lie! The people who fed it to you also had it fed to them, so they were just passing on what they thought was right, wanting you to be safe and have a good life. But it turns out, they were wrong.

At the very root of your being, you are 100% okay.  In fact, you are a magnificent, wonderful, magical being!  At your Core, you are wise, pure, compassionate, healthy, powerful---and good. What’s more, this Core, this aspect of who you really are, can never be damaged or destroyed.

How can you know this is true? Because you are an aspect of Source, pure and simple. You were made out of Source energy, God stuff. You were cut out of Creator fabric. If you make a shirt out of pink cloth, the shirt will be pink. If you make it out of green cloth, you will get a green shirt.

In this case, the fabric you were made out of is the most valuable possible. Imagine a cloth woven out of finely spun pure gold and silver, embedded with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. It would be so valuable as to be INvaluable. That is what you are made of, Fabric so precious it is invaluable. And this also makes YOU invaluable.

Should you believe this idea? What if you really are the unworthy creature you were taught you were?  Well, think for a moment. Before any worlds and universes were created, there was only the All-That-Is, Source, Creator. When creation began, it had to spring from the All-That-Is---because there was nothing else. You also were fashioned from this same Divine Material, according to a Divine Template.

Does this mean you never make mistakes? Never hurt yourself or others, never make bad decisions, never seriously misjudge a situation? No, of course we have all done all of these things and more.

Mistakes come from the 3rd dimensional state where we all landed after the Fall in Consciousness, many eons ago. We have all spent many painful lifetimes in this state of struggle, fear, hardship, and pain. But we have also gained immeasurable benefit from the 3rd dimensional experience we’ve had---the ones where we hurt others as well as those where we got hurt ourselves. Those times were not wasted. No experience is ever wasted.

Now that we’ve explored 3rd dimension thoroughly, there’s another possibility rapidly opening up to us. We are being given the opportunity to realign with our original Divine Template! We get to re-discover another way of living and being, one that leads to profound understanding of our true self-worth, to happiness, and to well-being. We get to move back up to a higher dimension, if we choose.

In the higher dimensions (or ways of thinking, feeling, and being), life is easier. There is more synchronicity, more happiness, more balance. It’s easier to draw to you what you need. You can begin to let go of the gut-knot of worry and anxiety about how you’re going to make your life work out. You can begin to feel safe, connected, and cared for.

Take a deep breath right now and go into this possibility in your mind. Let yourself relax into this feeling and experience the deep peace, the ease. Allow your heart to open and become engaged, wishing this happiness for yourself and for all others.

Imagine there being enough people who choose this way of being, that we have a world where there is no abuse of power, no lack, no tragedy, no trauma. Imagine a world of cooperation, respect, and abundance. Imagine a world where everyone recognizes his or her own inner worth and beauty and sees the value and beauty equally in others.

Imagine a world where everyone remembers who they really are and the Cloth they were originally cut out of. Imagine being permanently healed of the sense of separation from the spiritual realms that occurred with the Fall in Consciousness,  knowing you are forever and eternally connected to Spirit. Imagine remembering that you are actually one with Spirit, Source, the Heart of Goodness, All-That-Is.  Because you are.